Friday, October 29, 2010

western skies

I live right next to the Rocky Mountains, and sometimes we get the coolest skies I've ever seen. Last week we had a storm, and there was a bunch of rain going on. As I was driving home, I saw the most beautiful sky with huge, puffy clouds and light shining through. It really looked like God was painting. I took all these pictures on my cell phone (NOT while driving - I pulled over!):

That last one features Pike's Peak. I've decided to take pictures of Pike's Peak every so often, and here's one I took last Sunday on the way to church - the sun was rising behind me as I took the picture.

Sometimes I'm amazed at the beauty of God's creation. Who are we, that God would create all this beautifulness, just for us?

Here's to getting out and enjoying His creation today.

Friday, October 22, 2010

fall break

I LOVE fall break! It comes just at the right time, and I surely needed a break this year. For part of break I went up to the mountains. My mom and dad just finished building a cabin up in the Rockies, and the leaves were beautiful! Here are a couple pictures:

South Fork of the Arkansas river:

And here's the cabin - from the side:

And standing in the driveway:

What a break! Beautiful mountains, gorgeous color, relaxing...ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

more family news

This is my famous uncle:

He's the one on the left.

OK, he's not really famous, but he was on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson this week. I just think this is pretty cool! Uncle Dennis is a drummer, and has been forever. When he was younger he travelled full-time and played for several different bands or singers. Now, he just plays on the weekends around LA where he lives. But, I still think this is cool that he got the chance to play on a nationally televised TV show.

Way to go, Uncle Den!