Friday, March 25, 2011

spring break

This week has been Spring Break for the school in which I teach, and I have decided that Spring Break (as it shall be known from here on out) is so important that it deserves capitals.

To say that I have been pretty quiet this week could be an understatement. I would characterize this week as "sheer laziness". It has been lovely...

Now, in my defense, I have had at least one thing planned each day, and this required me to get out of bed (albeit NOT in a timely manner) and shower and get dressed and presentable to go out in public. Tuesday I went bowling with my 2 nephews and my mom, and then we went out to lunch. Great fun, if I do say so myself. Nana was the big winner, with a 133, and I just cracked 100, and the boys didn't quite make it that far. But we all still had a great time. Wednesday was Chorale rehearsal, and I signed up to make snacks, so I went to the store and then came home to prepare chicken salad sandwiches before going to rehearsal that night.

The main thing, the big thing, the thing to focus on about this week was not necessarily the "spring" part, but the "break" part. Don't misunderstand me - I RELISH the springing of spring. I love spring colors, I love to look for the blooming of flowers and budding of trees. I love the nice weather. Spring is in a tie for my favorite season, right up there with fall.

But the thing I have enjoyed most this week is the break. The rest. The margin. The setting aside of the schedule. The living without an alarm clock. No needing to keep a list to make sure I get all of my list done for today.

I have relished the break this week, and am so grateful.

Friday, March 18, 2011


On Wednesday, my classroom was SO HOT! I had both doors open all afternoon, and could not get cool no matter what I did. This often happens in the early part of the school year, August and September, as well as at the end, in May. But in the middle of March?!?!? I think the actual temperature outside was about 75, and with all the little bodies in my small room I'm sure it was MUCH warmer.

So, the memory of this mini heat-wave was fresh in my head as I got dressed yesterday morning, thus I was wearing appropriately summery attire - short sleeves and a skort, with my Chacos sandals. It felt great all day! Until...

As I left school, I walked out to the parking lot and noticed all the clouds and the overcast sky. And I thought... "Hmmmmm".

As soon as I stepped outside, I knew. I just KNEW.  I should have brought a jacket.

All those times my mom said "take a jacket" were ringing through my head, and I felt like I would never grow up. If I can't even manage to bring a jacket, how can I manage my life???

Fortunately, when I moved to Colorado, my mom gave me a lesson on weather preparedness, and the vast array of things that you must always keep in your car. Blanket, snow shovel, cat litter for traction, extra water, a candy bar for sustenance (is that snickers bar still back in my trunk? probably not...) and a JACKET!

So the ending of the story is a happy one. Today is is about 30 degrees colder than Wednesday, and I DID wear a jacket. Also, it snowed last night a little, so the grass is really pretty with the white blanket on it.

So the moral of today's story is to listen to your mother. And always bring a jacket.

Monday, March 14, 2011

the dentist

Today I am thankful for the dentist.

I know that might seem weird, but I really did go to the dentist today.  No x-rays, thank heaven, because that plastic thing they put in my mouth to hold the film for teeth pictures always makes me gag. But I got my teeth cleaned, and the dentist poked around in there, and said I look good. He should say that, because he fixed a broken tooth of mine a couple years back.

The hygienist that cleans my teeth is the mom of 2 students at school, so we always get to talking about school, and friends in common, and other stuff. But while she was really in there cleaning, we couldn't talk very much. And I just laid there, thinking about...lots of stuff. Like, why that weird wallpaper border is up there? And, about the gap in between two of the ceiling tiles. But then I got to thinking about how lucky I am to get to go to the dentist. So many people don't have regular access to dental care, or even regular access to health care for that matter. So in spite of the poking, and flossing (blleeecch), and the gritty-minty tooth polish, I am grateful.

I just wanted to say that I realize how lucky I am, and that I appreciate my dentist.