Friday, April 26, 2013


Last night it was my privilege to go see a concert.

This was a concert of the local Youth Symphony's little kids. The Youth Symphony is the top performing group in the organization, but there are 7 (?) groups under them. If you start in the youngest group, and practice, you can eventually play in all of them at one time or another, and hopefully end up in the Youth Symphony. It's a great organization.

Anyway, their littlest 3 groups played a concert last night, and I was invited.

So I went.

Truth be told, I felt a little celebrity, because I had TWELVE students performing there and every time one of them saw me I got a frantic hissing of my name and a very enthusiastic wave. It was a good feeling. :)

Also, it was a great feeling to see so many kids (about 100) up on stage performing together and showing off their musical skills. Even though I am a music teacher, and most definitely NOT a string player, it warms my heart anytime I get to have a part in anyone being musical - whether as a teacher, an encourager or as an audience member.

From the first song (a very simple playing of the Ode to Joy theme) to the last (Basses Loaded - 3 Jr. Hi aged girls playing String Bass solos, and one of my students doing a FANTASTIC twelve bar blues solo in the middle), it was a great night. Encouraging, uplifting, cultural and just downright fun.

And a great night was had by all.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

little problems

I have problems.

Not REAL problems, but just my little ones.

My leg is bleeding. Today I was a dork (as usual) and didn't step away from the car far enough to safely slam the door. Thus, it took a chunk out of my leg. So I totally understand that this is not a huge problem. Or even a big problem.

But right now it is a little bit of a painful problem - my leg is throbbing.

But I guess because I did it to myself, I can't complain, now can I?

Me, to myself: Suck it up, Buttercup.

Friday, April 12, 2013


It's been a long week.

I have rehearsal on Wednesday evenings, and this week I was thinking about not going. Not only was it a long week, it was kind-of a tough day on Wednesday, so by the time rehearsal rolled around I was DONE.

But...I got myself together and went anyway.

And I'm SO glad I did.

We are preparing the Verdi Requiem for a concert coming up in May, and it is a bit of work. But I really am enjoying the music.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty beat down on Wednesday, but rehearsal changed all that. By the time I got there and  started singing, my spirit was buoyed pretty quickly. By the end of rehearsal, I felt like a new person. I was refreshed, calmed, and the anxiety of the day was gone. The music was like a salve for my spirit.

What a blessing to be refreshed in that way. What a wonderful way to end a terrible day. What a great thing to do right before bed, rather than reflecting on all the mess that Wednesday was.

I guess what they say is true: Music really does soothe the savage beast.