Saturday, January 25, 2014


The other day I fell over. In the middle of a 6th grade class.

I am fine, but it really was a funny experience.

I had walked around behind my piano to pick up a book that I dropped (this is making me sound clumsier by the minute...) and when I headed back around to my stool, my leg got wedged up next to the edge of my stage. Since my momentum was already headed to the right, and my feet were essentially stuck, I slowly fell over on the stage. Actually, it was more of a slow fall/sit/roll over onto the stage.

So, there I am, laying on my right side facing the class. But I couldn't see them at all.

Because I was laughing.

I was just thinking about how ridiculous it was that I just fell over in class.

Someone in the class said "ooohhh, oh no."

One of the boys laughed.

The rest of the class shushed him, and he relied, "But SHE'S laughing!"

I was thinking that I had to get myself up, so I rolled over on my back and was going to sit up, then stand. Right about then, another one of the boys said" I'm so confused. I want to laugh, but I feel like I should ask if you're OK."

That made me laugh even more.

I did get up, and told them I was fine, and explained how my feet got caught. Someone then said "Yeah! You fell over in slow motion!" And I laughed some more.

But In all of this, it was a good laugh. I laughed, they laughed, and we laughed together.

It occurred to the today how good it is to laugh. Not AT anyone, but just to laugh. Together. Even today, I think about this incident that happened 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I STILL laugh.

Laughter truly is good medicine.

I hope this gave you a laugh. :)