Tuesday, March 30, 2010

here comes the sun

I think there is something magical about watching the sun rise. I know, I know, it's not really magic, and yes I DO realize that it happens every day, but there is just something really cool about watching the sun come up over the hills.

This Sunday is Easter, and our High Schoolers are going to get up early and be there to watch the sunrise. I think this is so cool, and it always makes me reflect on how the sun is the same now as it was 2000 years ago when Jesus was crucified. More importantly, it's the same sun that comes up each day as the one that rose on the day HE rose from the dead.

I'm so grateful for the Son who rose, and the sun that reminds me of this every Easter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

a new model

My parents used to joke when I was little that they were going to send me back and get a new model, like you can do with a car. Well, I'm ready to do this with my lungs. So frustrated...

In December I got pneumonia. 2nd time in 2 years. Now I have bronchitis, and had to go to the Dr. today and get on meds again. Not even 3 months later, and I can't get my lungs to work right.

What is it going to take? Can I get a lung transplant?

OK, rant over. My friend Bill just got out of the hospital yesterday, and had a really tough go of it. He had surgery to take out a "carcinoid", then when they took out the epidural he threw up for several days and coudn't keep any food down.

He's home now, and doing better, so I guess I don't have that much to complain about. I choose to be thanful that my lungs are working at all, thankful that I don't have to be on oxygen all the time, thankful that there are cheap, easy-to-take meds that will fix my issues.

Glad you're home Bill.

Friday, March 19, 2010


There is no more delicious feeling than the 4:30am phone call to tell you that school is cancelled. The resetting of the alarm, the lazy morning sitting around watching the news while you eat a leisurely breakfast, the extra cup of coffee that you can drink slowly and not gulp down while running out the door. Time is a gift, and today it's my birthday. I can't think of any better way to start Spring Break than with a gift of some extra time.

Thanks God.

Friday, March 12, 2010

i've been made blue, i've been lied to

I've had this old Everly Brothers song in my head lately, but there's a reason. I've really have been lied to.

A couple weeks ago I found out that a friend of mine has been lying to me about a bunch of things. Not just 1 thing - a bunch. Several.

This has given me heartburn for over a week, because even though I'm a pretty upfront person, I really don't like confrontation. Who does? But I'd rather just walk away and not deal with them or the situation ever again as a perfectly viable alternative to confronting someone.

I finally decided that I had to say something. So last week we went to dinner. I decided to wait about 10 minutes into dinner before bringing it up, 'cause I was hungry and didn't want to have to sit there and eat after calling him a liar.

Anyway, I asked if he planned on ever telling me that he lied, and after he denied the first lie (of the 6 I mentioned), he just got really quiet and didn't say much at all. The crazy thing about these lies is that NOT ONE of them would have made any difference if he'd just have told the truth. AND, he really hurt me because he made me look like a FOOL in front of several people, because I repeated something he had said and they just got a real funny look on their face and said that it wasn't true.

Well, shame on me, I should have figured it out sooner.

The answer to this accusation was, basically, "I don't know why I do that. I've always had a problem making myself seem better than I am. It's a flaw in my personality and I don't know why."

I guess kudos to him for actually admitting it, and not trying to make me look like a liar on top of the whole mess. The moral of the story (listen up kiddies) is that lying is bad. Don't do it. It hurts people, and makes you look like a fool when people find out.

Also, pride is not worth ruining a good friendship. Good friends are hard to find, and now a little bit harder for him.

Here's to truth in friendship.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

the dogs

I'm now a dog person. I haven't been a dog person before - I always had cats. Cats are so easy - if you don't come home until 10pm, they just look up at you to see if it's a dog, and if not they go back to sleep. I loved having cats, especially when they crawled up on my lap and laid over on their side. I LOVE petting kitty-tummy. It is one of the softest things EVER! But sometimes that wasn't on their agenda...

Anyway, I am now a dog person. Or rather, I am a dog's person for the next week. The old dog, Clifford, is totally used to me, and it's no big deal that I'm his person for awhile. The new dog, Dolly, is young and a little confused why I am her person and not the other people.

We are getting along fine, though. There's only been one "pooping incident" so far, and everyone seems pretty happy. (Except the cats, who I think wish the dogs would leave.)

It's nice to belong to someone. It's especially nice when they get all excited when you come home.

Here's to being someone's person.