Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the birds

So where I grew up was about 30 minutes from that creepy church in Hitchcock's movie "The Birds". We drove past it every time we went out to the beach, and someone always had to say, "Hey! That's the church in the birds movie." Usually my mom.

But today I am thankful for other birds - the 10 or so outside my window this morning. I'm sitting here writing, and talking to people on facebook, and those birds are singing away! Happy, and letting everyone within a mile know it. They are singing back and forth - one will sing some, then another will sing something back, then a third one will chime in. Being a singer, I know how this feels! If I understood what they are saying, I'd go out and join in!

Alas, I don't speak bird. Nonetheless, I love sitting here listening to them. The joy. The (bird) stories. The happy flapping as they move from tree to tree.

Makes me joyful just listening to them.

Here's to the birds!

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