Saturday, December 1, 2012

my life sings

Now I know that being a music teacher might make you think that I am musical all the time, every day. Some days this is true, but some days are just normal days, and music is just my job.

Not this weekend.

Thursday was concert day at school. I had 260 kids up on stage, performing music that we had worked on for the past couple months. And not to brag or anything, but all the music was in another language: Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Finnish, Maori, etc. They were great! Not because of me, but because they are great kids and we have worked hard together on this music. Definitely a great day.

Friday, I went to the local Youth Symphony concert. I had several kids from school in the performance, and it was great. 7 different groups, and many hundreds of students playing lots of different instruments. And it was hard music, too: much of it was from The Nutcracker. That means it is professional level music. And they played very well. One of my students was in the 3rd group from the top, and he sat 1st chair. I am so proud!

Saturday, I got to attend a piano recital, and see several of my current and former students perform. It was fantastic, and inspiring. I will be looking up some of that music to start working on myself! It was a beautiful setting, and a beautiful night of music played by a host of talented students.

Tomorrow evening I am going to a performance of Messiah here in town. A friend of mine is singing the soprano solo parts, and I'm so excited to see her. She has been working like crazy to be ready for this, and it will be fantastic! I've sung the Messiah several times, and twice all the way through. Granted, I have never sung the soprano solos (Lord, have mercy!) but I understand the music, and know what it takes to do that.
I can't wait!

So it occurred to me today that my life really is filled with music, and I am SO LUCKY to be in the midst of it. To participate in it. To see so many young people DO music, and do it well.
THAT is a blessing to me.

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