Monday, March 4, 2013

the boss

My principal brushed the snow off my car today!

We were walking out to the parking lot, and just chatting about different school stuff. About 3 inches of snow had fallen while we were in school, so we were talking about how slick it is, and "you be careful".

I got in my car, and turned it on. I just sat there for a moment, putting my gloves on and thinking about getting my snow brush out and cleaning off my car.

Then, the snow starts coming off the windshield, and I see my principal brushing off my car. He cleaned off the windshield, the side windows, lifted up the wipers and brushed under those as well.

I just sat there, and said "thank you" about 3 times.


Not only is he a great boss, but a great person as well.
This just confirms how blessed everyone at my school is to work for such a wonderful man. I've always known and said this, mind you, but just want to reiterate it today.

Thank you Don!

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