Friday, June 6, 2014


I went to a funeral today.

A sweet friend of mine, who was about 6 years younger than me, passed away last week. Her funeral was today.

She had fought cancer for the past 4 years, and that gave her time to spend with her two beautiful girls. I think they are now about 6 1/2 and 4.

As her husband talked today at the funeral, he said that this was the end of a fight that they were told they would not win. But I think Heather won today. She always had her eye on heaven, and was one of the most hopeful people I know. Even in the midst of chemo, and cancer treatment, she was hopeful She was NOT hopeful that she would get better, but she was filled with eternal hope she had because of her faith in Jesus.

I am so very sad for her family that does not have her here anymore, but so relieved for her. That her fight is over. That she doesn't have to go through any more chemo. That she is in heaven. That she has the fulfillment of the ultimate hope now.

Heather, thank you for the time you were here, and for the hope that you spread, no matter your circumstances.

Until Heaven,

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