Saturday, August 22, 2009

new beginnings

Wow, I love Saturday mornings! It feels like the whole weekend is spread out on a table in front of me, and I can enjoy the whole thing! Getting up on Saturday morning is one of the most delicious feelings!

I was talking to someone at school this week, and we were talking about getting back into the school schedule. I told him that, even though I'm not Jewish, I am TOTALLY down with Jewish New Year. This time of year is the beginning of so many things - my birthday is coming up soon, school is starting, and I love the idea that starting school means starting over. New year, new teacher, new class, new classroom. I have always loved going back to school. It just FEELS like the start of the new year. It feels like a new beginning.

Besides, January doesn't feel like New Year at all! It's cold, I'm tired, and it feels more like the leftover celebrations from Christmas. And then we start in on the longest stretch of the school year, where it's a slow, hard grind until Spring Break.

So, I think, in my own non-Jewish way, I'm going to start celebrating the new year in the fall. Any ideas to help me celebrate???
Tonight I'm going out to dinner and a movie with 2 girlfriends. That sounds like a good way to start...

Find your new beginning.
Much Love, K

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