Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't think I have enough space.

Not space in my house - I love my house. Well, it's a condo, but it is perfect for me.

No, I mean brain space. I think I need some more space to think, to plan, to be prepared. I had a nice talk with my boss today. Last year we changed the schedule at my school, and now I have 4 pretty hellacious days, and not much on Friday. This is great when it actually happens, but for the past 2 weeks we have had either to teach on Friday, or meetings that were required. I understand that this will happen sometimes, but it's really taking a toll.

I didn't realize how much until one of my parents asked me how I was today, and my answer was that I was tired. I wasn't sure where this came from, especially considering that I got 9 hours of sleep last night. But I am thinking that I'm metaphysically tired. I don't have enough "rest" in my life.

One consequence of this is that my desk at work looks like a Kinko's exploded on it. Another is that I don't have time to plan creative lessons, and just rely on the same thing I've always done.

I hate this.

Don't hear me wrong - I love my job. The past few days have been the funnest I've had in a long time. I enjoy great relationships with my students, and as a result we have fun in class, even when we are not "doing" fun.
This morning I got the song 6th grade is doing stuck in my head for most of the morning. They caught me singing it as I was walking down the hall, and started singing it to me, really loud! It was funny.

But I don't enjoy fighting the organization, the planning, the work of doing work.

I'm ready for Spring Break.

I'm off to play some electronic Yahtzee. Maybe that will let my brain turn off for awhile.

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