Sunday, February 28, 2010

oh, the drama

Last night I went to see a local production of Mozart's The Magic Flute. It was spectacular! I absolutely loved it! The story I already knew, because I teach it to my 4th graders, but this production was very fun - they made the most of the little jokes, and made the on stage action as funny as possible.

The singing, of course, was amazing. The sets were good, but the costumes were great. I think the people that put this show together did a wonderful job. the most amazing costume was Papageno's - he looked like a big peacock. Can't get much more "birdy" than that...

The high school girls that played the 3 spirits were great, and I LOVED when they first came out...on ROLLER SKATES! It was fantastic.

I know some people think that opera is old fashioned, or not "new", but I would highly recommend going to see an opera. It's something everyone should experience, and the stories have lasted so long because they are timeless.

Besides, the work that goes into singing these roles is unbelievable. You will never hear singing like this anywhere else.

Seriously - get yourself to an opera!

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