Saturday, March 6, 2010

the dogs

I'm now a dog person. I haven't been a dog person before - I always had cats. Cats are so easy - if you don't come home until 10pm, they just look up at you to see if it's a dog, and if not they go back to sleep. I loved having cats, especially when they crawled up on my lap and laid over on their side. I LOVE petting kitty-tummy. It is one of the softest things EVER! But sometimes that wasn't on their agenda...

Anyway, I am now a dog person. Or rather, I am a dog's person for the next week. The old dog, Clifford, is totally used to me, and it's no big deal that I'm his person for awhile. The new dog, Dolly, is young and a little confused why I am her person and not the other people.

We are getting along fine, though. There's only been one "pooping incident" so far, and everyone seems pretty happy. (Except the cats, who I think wish the dogs would leave.)

It's nice to belong to someone. It's especially nice when they get all excited when you come home.

Here's to being someone's person.


  1. Being someone's person. I love that. Fairly profound, K.

    No matter whether anyone else dog is always happy to have me come home. And come downstairs. And get out of bed. And look like I'm about to leave. I'm pretty much a hit with that guy. :0)

    And it's nice to have a little life around the house when I'm otherwise home alone.

    I didn't know that there was a Dolly...I'm out of the loop! Enjoy the pups!

  2. yeay dogs! I wish that we could have a dog.... I have to go over to mom and dad's more often to get my fill. and you're right- even after 2 1/2 years of not living there, once you're dog's "person", you always are- because every time I go over, I'm warmly welcomed. (by dogs and humans and horse, lol)