Friday, April 8, 2011


Today, I took a 3rd grade spelling test.

I was going down to third grade to talk to one of the teachers, and she announced that it was time for the weekly spelling test. I was feeling silly, so I  jumped up and down excited for spelling test. Maybe I should have thought before being silly (story of my life) because she invited me to take the test with them. In CURSIVE.

I have to say, I think I did pretty well. In fact, I think I got 100%.

And I had a little flashback to when I was in elementary school, and taking those kind of tests on a regular basis. Gave me a little warm memory.

This makes me grateful for all the education I have received in my life. I finished High School, have a bachelor's degree, as well as a Master's Degree. And then I think about all the people in the world that don't even have the opportunity to go to school past a certain level, or even at all. Education is a great gift, and privilege.

When's the last time you took a test?


  1. Blood test? The last time I had a baby, which is almost 2 years ago. =p

    A sit-down at a desk type test? Maybe 5 years ago.

    A 3-hour long test? 6 years ago.

    A taste test? I do that all the time. =p

    A driving test? 15 years ago?

    A vision test? Need to get this done.

    A spelling test? 20 years ago? =p

    They're fun, as long as they don't go on my permanent record. hehe

  2. Well, I test my own kids pretty regularly and I am tested daily when i have to figure out my son's eighth grade math so I can explain it to him!

    Education is a huge privilege! Our church raised money for children in Costa Rica this fall. $40...just $40 will send a child to school (it pays for their uniform and for a Bible) and yet we supported 223 children. Children who wouldn't have gone because they couldn't afford the $35 uniform. We do not even realize how blessed we are in this country!