Sunday, April 3, 2011

little things

Today is a gratefulness post about the little things in life. It's kind of funny that I realized this in a bathroom yesterday, because I am mightily grateful for indoor plumbing. I watched Slumdog Millionaire with some friends a bit ago, and thought about the fact that many people do NOT live with indoor plumbing. I don't know if this comes out of my mom's porta-potty phobia, but that's neither here nor there.

My first little thing comes from that bathroom trip yesterday. I was at Starbucks, because someone had given me a gift card (thanks Ang!) and went to the bathroom. I am grateful that Starbucks always has nice bathrooms. I've been to Starbucks in several places, in lots of cities, and they always have nice bathrooms. And God bless whoever invented the hook on the back of the door to hang your purse on. I just can't stomach putting my purse on the floor of a public bathroom. Who KNOWS what has been on that floor???

My second little thing is for fabric softener. I like soft towels, and when I dried off from today's shower, I thought about how nice it is to have soft, fluffy towels to dry off. While we are on the subject of fluffy towels, I am thankful for my washer and dryer IN MY HOUSE. For many years, like a lot of people, I did not have a washer and dryer, so I hauled my laundry to the laundromat each week to get it clean. I got pretty efficient at it, but I'm just as happy to have a washer and dryer. And that I don't have to do laundry in a river...

My third little thing is for books. I just finished reading a book, and it was really good. I was engrossed for the whole last third of the book. I'm grateful for the access we have to books and information. Because as we all know from schoolhouse rock, "it's great to read because knowledge is power".

I guess I could do this all day, but I really am thankful for that purse hook that started all this. I'm going to end with this thought: It doesn't matter where or how you live, but that you are grateful for the good things that make up your life.

It really is the little things.

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