Sunday, December 11, 2011


There is a verse in the bible that says, "Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.".

Well, I'm here to say that having breath is no small thing, and if you have breath, be thankful.

This week I did not have breath in some capacity or another, and I am SO grateful that that has been remedied. There is a cough-thing going around, and my lungs are my weak spot, so I inevitably get every lung thing that's going around. On Monday, I felt like I was coming down with a cold. On Tuesday, I was fighting to breathe, and I felt funny so I went to the school office and asked them to take my oxygen level. (Note: NORMAL people have an oxygen level of 92% or higher.) She put the thing on my finger, and my oxygen was about 80. And it was not staying up there very well, either. So the school nurse almost had a fit, and went to get my inhaler. She made me drink some hot water, take my inhaler, and drink some hot coffee, all in the hope that it would open up my lungs and help me breathe better. After sitting in the nurse's office for about 20 minutes with the thing on my finger, I was up around 90. Pretty good, for me. So I went back to my classroom. But 10 minutes later, she brought the measurement thingy, and I was back down around 80.


That was it for her - I was to go to the doctor RIGHT NOW and get listened to. AND, I was not to drive myself. Either I got someone to take me, or she as calling an ambulance. So I called my mom, and she drove me to the Dr.'s office, and to the pharmacy to get my steroid.  End of that story - all's well that ends well. A huge thank you to Mom, for rescuing me.

Today I was in church, just enjoying the music, because I didn't want to start coughing again.  But then THAT song came on.

And I just couldn't help myself. I had to sing. :)

But as I was singing the chorus of that song, I thought about that verse: "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord". And I was supremely grateful for my having breath. I was grateful that I could even sing that one chorus. I was grateful that I could sing in my concert last Friday, even being sick. Because I had worked on the music since August, and NOT singing it would have been such a disappointment.

Because there are times when I cannot sing, I am supremely grateful for those times that I can sing. Even if they are limited. I'm grateful that I most of the time I can sing, and the sick times don't last forever. I'm grateful that God gave me the ability to sing, and that I enjoy it so much.

Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord!

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