Saturday, January 7, 2012


This week, we all went back to school, after the Christmas Break. I always like to hear a little about their break, and what they did, and such. But if I let everyone tell everything about their break, it would go on FOREVER! So I call it "one fun thing". It could be a present, or it could be something you did, or it could be somewhere you went. But this way, everyone gets to share at least one fun thing about their break. I shared about going up to the cabin before everyone, and the huge accomplishment that was buying/unloading/setting up the Christmas tree, and unloading the car,and shoveling the driveway all by myself. I even got applause in one class. :) Made me smile and take a little bow.

Anyway, I realized that after hearing about everyone's break, the most important thing in everyone's share was family. Either family that came to see them, or family they went to visit. Everybody shared about their christmas, but I can't think of one student that didn't talk about their family.

It makes me glad to be a part of these kids' lives, and it gives me hope for the future. One would think that an open-ended invitation to share about Christmas would be a litany of presents received. But lots and lots of kids didn't even mention presents. They shared where they went to see family, or their family that came to visit. They shared about how special it is that their family got to all be together.

I not only realized that family is important in my life, but that it makes any holiday. It's not a question of whether I will see family, but when. I feel so blessed to have a great family, and a family to whom family is important. That means not only are they important to me, but that I am important to them.

And I'm glad to hear about my students families, and not just their toys. :)
Here's to family, wherever they may be.

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