Monday, January 21, 2013

below stairs

Well. Last post I delighted in the little things.

Today I am confessing.

Confessing that my inner anglophile has taken over, and I and fully engrossed in Downton Abbey.

I'm not sure really why this story is so interesting, except that it is just people. Yes, yes they are fictional people. But it seems like they are real. It seems like that's what it really would be like in that part of the world about a hundred years ago.

I think the most fascinating part of this series is below stairs. The way it opens the door on the world of servants and a different class of people than the Lord and Lady of the manor. Tonight I watched this past week's episode, and at one point Mary says that there are a lot of people counting on the family, and they have an obligation to them.

But that's the point. There are SO MANY people that work on this estate. Fascinating, but...necessary? I think not. But what I would do now is very much not the point. Having a view into a hundred years ago is the point. Is this a true perspective? Is this REALLY what it was like?


Do I really care? I think not. I accept the entertainment, and agree not to think too much about how I would change things. So I will continue to "do" their upper crust English accents, and pretend that I live above stairs. But want to see what happens below stairs.

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