Monday, January 18, 2010

grow, connect, serve

I just had a fantastic weekend.

The High School group at church went on a winter retreat this weekend: High Altitude. It was GREAT!
We played: in the pool, dodge ball in the gym, card games, relay races, tubing run, and we duct taped several people to the wall. It was fun!

We ate: food was good at the camp, and one of our moms sent a TON of great snacks. We ate all weekend. The group that eats together, stays together...?

We worshiped: Jeff came up and led us in several great times of worship. It was perfect, to be able to sing and worship all together as a group.

We fellowshiped: several of us just sat around and made bracelets and talked.

We talked: our topic was Grow; Connect; Serve. Our new pastor come up and did our talks on Saturday. He talked about how important it is in you spiritual life to Grow - to be continually in the scriptures. To have a plan to do this, and to be faithful in it, otherwise your faith will founder. He talked about how important it is to connect with other believers - to have people you know and that know you. People that will support you, as well as call you on stuff. People to live life with and alongside. To have a plan to do this, otherwise your spiritual life will wither. He talked about how important it is to serve - to find people outside your usual circle of influence, find out what their needs are and meet them. Because in serving others, you have relationship. It was really good. Then, on Sunday, we all talked in a big group about how we can do this in real life after retreat is over.

We celebrated: my friend got a personal relationship with God this weekend. That was the MOST exciting part of the weekend. I'm super glad she came and that she opened her heart up to Jesus.

We loved: my friend Beth was there, and we got to spend time together and grow our friendship. I REALLY enjoy spending time with her.

We didn't sleep so much, but that's what tonight is for!

On the way to a nap,


  1. So glad you had a good time--my heart and prayers were with you.

  2. DUDE- that WAS the best part of the weekend- I was freakishly excited for that friend, too. And you know what else I love? That you include me in your blogs sometimes. :) It always lifts my spirits to hang out with you. :)

  3. Between the dodgeball, worship, and the group activities, this weekend was by far the most fun I've had in a long time. BUT of course I am going to have to agree with you and say that coming to Christ was the MOST exciting part of my weekend (and my life)! Thanks so much for being there for me!