Sunday, April 18, 2010

by the numbers

OK, here's a recap of last night's concert, by the numbers:

105: number of ugly black dresses on stage, all worn by the chorale, incidentally

64: number of orchestra members

6: number of locomotive bells that were rung from THE LOADING DOCK for the Coronation Scene. Not on the stage, not backstage, but from the loading dock. Those suckers are SO loud!

1: number of batons Don waved around

8: number of solos sung, all by Chorale members, and they knocked it out of the park!

2: number of parents that came. OK, just the parents related to me!
Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad!

un-numbered: the goosebumps I got during the last song, the closing song from Carmina Burana

900: people that stood for the first song, the Hallelujah chorus

between 10 and 20: number of mistakes I think I made. I know I made several. Fortunately, I am COOL and covered it up well.

I think that's a good recap - it was SO much fun. I really enjoyed MOST of the music, and felt really good about the performance. Wish you were there!

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