Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In the traditional, historical and religious sense, the word "requiem" means a church service or mass for someone who has died. It is a time to reflect, and remember the person who has passed on and get some closure. It is also a musical piece, written for just such a service, and it incorporates the latin words of the Requiem Mass into song.

The literal translation of the word requiem is "rest". I know this because I sing. The Chorale is doing the Sanctus from Verdi's Requiem, and it is beautiful. I really enjoy singing this piece, and it is a little respite from some of the other pieces that I don't enjoy so much. Each week when we get to practice this beautiful piece of music, it is like a little oasis of calm and tranquility in a sea of otherwise agitated musical pieces.

Today is a snow day. I was thinking about this as I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30am this morning. What a wonderful opportunity for rest. For tranquility. For recharging. This phenomenon of the snow day is such an amazing thing. When I get that call in the morning, it always strikes me a a present. Now I know that the district leadership does not consider me, personally, when they decide to call off school for the day, but it still is a gift. The sleeping in, the lazy getting ready, the lazing around the house in PJs.

I'm so grateful.


  1. This morning I definitely thought it was a little unexpected gift! Now I'm more stressed about the house, but hey, I gotta remember my gift. Hope your day was great! :)

  2. Still snowing in CO, huh! I'm glad to have our snow day gifts passed. With record snowfalls here in DC, we were SO GLAD to see spring! :)

    I love how music speaks to the soul. I totally get how you feel. Sometimes I will use music to manipulate my mood and it always works. I love a good restful song.

    Thanks for sharing in Coffee Time!

  3. I learned something new! Thanks. I long for the day when I can sleep in but the kids keeping waking me up. =p Maybe if I go to sleep earlier then it would be considered sleeping in huh? hehe