Monday, December 6, 2010


In youth group, we are talking about serving, and how we can help others.

I really am touched by this, not only to see what God can do through a group of High Schoolers, but how much He is asking me "how are you serving others?"

Not to say that I thought High Schoolers are incapable of serving; I never thought this. I just never realized the extent that they would jump on board. I have really enjoyed serving with them (see previous post), and learning in the process.

Our next project is making hygiene kits to give to the Rescue Mission. These will go to homeless people in our community, and hopefully be of help to them.

Our small group just finished a babysitting night, to help out families with kids. We babysat the kids, and gave money to the parents to go out to dinner, or to go Christmas shopping. Even though it was "just babysitting", I had a good time. I think we all did!

Just goes to show that you're never too old to jump in and serve others.
Here's to having a servant's heart.

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