Friday, March 18, 2011


On Wednesday, my classroom was SO HOT! I had both doors open all afternoon, and could not get cool no matter what I did. This often happens in the early part of the school year, August and September, as well as at the end, in May. But in the middle of March?!?!? I think the actual temperature outside was about 75, and with all the little bodies in my small room I'm sure it was MUCH warmer.

So, the memory of this mini heat-wave was fresh in my head as I got dressed yesterday morning, thus I was wearing appropriately summery attire - short sleeves and a skort, with my Chacos sandals. It felt great all day! Until...

As I left school, I walked out to the parking lot and noticed all the clouds and the overcast sky. And I thought... "Hmmmmm".

As soon as I stepped outside, I knew. I just KNEW.  I should have brought a jacket.

All those times my mom said "take a jacket" were ringing through my head, and I felt like I would never grow up. If I can't even manage to bring a jacket, how can I manage my life???

Fortunately, when I moved to Colorado, my mom gave me a lesson on weather preparedness, and the vast array of things that you must always keep in your car. Blanket, snow shovel, cat litter for traction, extra water, a candy bar for sustenance (is that snickers bar still back in my trunk? probably not...) and a JACKET!

So the ending of the story is a happy one. Today is is about 30 degrees colder than Wednesday, and I DID wear a jacket. Also, it snowed last night a little, so the grass is really pretty with the white blanket on it.

So the moral of today's story is to listen to your mother. And always bring a jacket.

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