Monday, March 14, 2011

the dentist

Today I am thankful for the dentist.

I know that might seem weird, but I really did go to the dentist today.  No x-rays, thank heaven, because that plastic thing they put in my mouth to hold the film for teeth pictures always makes me gag. But I got my teeth cleaned, and the dentist poked around in there, and said I look good. He should say that, because he fixed a broken tooth of mine a couple years back.

The hygienist that cleans my teeth is the mom of 2 students at school, so we always get to talking about school, and friends in common, and other stuff. But while she was really in there cleaning, we couldn't talk very much. And I just laid there, thinking about...lots of stuff. Like, why that weird wallpaper border is up there? And, about the gap in between two of the ceiling tiles. But then I got to thinking about how lucky I am to get to go to the dentist. So many people don't have regular access to dental care, or even regular access to health care for that matter. So in spite of the poking, and flossing (blleeecch), and the gritty-minty tooth polish, I am grateful.

I just wanted to say that I realize how lucky I am, and that I appreciate my dentist.

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  1. good thoughts! I need to go to the dentist soon, I think.