Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the non-snow day


Today was quite possibly one of the most disappointing days in a very long time.

We did NOT have a snow day.

Now, if you had watched the news in the past week, you would have thought that not only would we have a snow day, but maybe more. The dire predictions of the snow were not to be ignored. The flashy graphics on the weather segment spelled out exactly how many inches of accumulation everyone would get. The anchors this morning wondered why they had not heard from several school districts in the area. And wouldn't you know...NOTHING!

Yes, some districts had a 2-hour delay. And one up in the mountains was CLOSED today. Did we have a delay? Did we have a snow day? NO!
I'm still a little bitter...

I just wish the newsies would realize how much the disappointment hurts after you get all psyched up to be off school for the day. It's painful.

So here's to more accurate weather forecasting...

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