Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well, the change is coming.

No, not THAT change, but I guess it would be accurate to say that it is coming too. Just not right now...

What I am referring to is the change of seasons. For the past month, I have had my heating and A/C system turned off. It was cool at night, and I just opened the window and enjoyed the fresh, cool, night air. Before that, I had the A/C on. Granted, it didn't run a lot, but it was on. And sometimes when I came home from school all hot and bothered, you can bet that I cranked on that "down" button to cool my house off.

But now, the change is coming.

Today my friend Dianne posted this picture on Facebook, and I stole it. But I AM giving her credit, and it is a great representation of what everything looked like today. Dianne's backyard:

Now today is October 8, and it pretty much snowed all day. It didn't snow hard, but it did snow.


I have mixed feelings about the snow.

I love that everything looks so fresh and new. I love that the weather is cooling off, and that even though it will warm back up, the heat of the summer is gone. God Bless America, I am SO ready to not wear summer clothes to school. But this is a mixed blessing, because now Mr. Bob will turn on the heater. My school has an old-fashioned boiler to heat the school, and it really does a good job. Often times, TOO good of a job. And then sometimes the (insert name of mechanical part here) will stick open and oh my word the heat. I have learned to never wear sweaters to school, because it may mean being stuck in a HOT room with 20 kids and an over-working heater while wearing a long sleeved sweater.

I bet that's what hell will be like...

But I am looking forward to being cozy inside,while it is all blustery and snowy outside. THAT is my favorite part of fall and winter.

So, here it comes people. Get out your snow boots, snow shovels, emergency car kits, and gloves.
Get out there and make a snowman! Throw some snowballs! Drink some hot chocolate!

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