Monday, March 26, 2012

letting go

First things first, it is Spring Break. I might not have words to express my excitement at being on break!

Today I got a massage. Maybe it's my reward for making it to break. :) Anyway, I was laying there as Carrie kneaded the knots out of my shoulders and back, and I was telling myself to relax. I would find that my muscles would involuntarily tense up, and I had to tell myself to relax them. It got me to thinking about how important it is to be able to let go. Yes, in the muscular sense, but also in life.

I think it would be terrible to not be able to let anything go. I got thinking about things I've had to let go of in the past. I got to thinking about how painful it is to hold on to everything and to not let go of anything.

I think this is an important life skill, and that not everybody has it. Have you ever known someone who just couldn't let anything go? Who was always holding a grudge? Who couldn't ever relax because they were so busy holding on to everything that has ever happened to them?


I SO do not want to be that person. So here's to practicing letting go.

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