Saturday, March 3, 2012

lord have mercy...

Yesterday I wrote about my March Madness project: cleaning and reorganizing the spare bedroom. Huge thanks to Rachel at Home Sanctuary for the encouragement to do this.
As promised, here are my pictures of the spare bedroom.

Out. Of. Control.

the crazy desk area
the bed/couch/staging area/sweater drying rack
the rest of the room
And can I please point out that you can't even SEE the wrapping paper on the other side of the shelving...

I am praying for discipline and patience to tackle the mess that I have created.
But this is my attempt to be accountable, and here I go. My first accomplishment is that I did clean all the papers off my desk tonight. Project 1 down. Only 87 more to go...

Here's to using your space, and not having your space take you over. I just watched an episode of "Obsessive Compulsive Hoarders", and that MAY be encouraging me to get this done... :)

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