Friday, September 21, 2012


So my milestone birthday has come and gone. I was told by my family that we were going out to dinner tonight, you know, in celebration.

Boy oh boy, did we celebrate.

Turns out, they had planned a surprise party. I went over to my sister's house, so we could go to dinner, and when the door opened and everyone yelled "Surprise!" you could have knocked me over with a feather. I was shocked, and had NO idea. This is pretty amazing, because there were several friends from school there, and we had eaten lunch together for the past few weeks without anyone saying a word.

I am impressed.

There were friends from church, and even friends that I went on the women's retreat last weekend that didn't say anything at all. My 2 nephews were there, and they hadn't said anything either. But to be fair, sister didn't tell them until last night so they didn't know until the last minute.

My mom and dad and sister and brother-in-law all collaborated on this big party, and it was a blast. If they had asked me exactly what I wanted, it would have been this very party.

My sister put up a bunch of pictures of me and the family - school pictures from 1st grade, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school and college graduation pictures, family pictures, and even a picture of me waterskiing. I called it the wall of shame. :) Mostly because of the questionable hairstyle choices...

People hung out and talked, and there was food - holy cow was there food. We ate well, I tell you.

My sister took pictures of everyone there, and had them write a note which she is collecting into an album for me. And she gave a little speech which made me cry.

But the great thing about tonight was not the speech, or the food, or the carrot cake (though it was DELISH!) but the fellowship. It was the fun - the hanging out and being with friends all night. It was the laughter of them recalling how shocked I was, and their surprise that I really didn't have a clue. It was the gathering of people, and I am honored that it was for me.

Surprised, but honored.
Huge thanks to my family for putting all of this effort into a fun party just for me.
I feel not only honored, but loved.

And very blessed to be so loved.

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