Friday, January 7, 2011

on joy

This is my hand.

Yes, that is the word "joy" written on it in sharpie. It is a little faded, because I took the picture in the evening, and I wash my hands a bajillion times a day. But God bless the sharpie, it hung in there all day.

I had a lot of joy over Christmas break - 2 weeks off school is sure to bring joy every time! But on Monday morning in staff meeting, my principal was talking about having joy. Being joy-full. If we are joyful in our teaching, then the kids learning will be joyful. The atmosphere of our whole school can change, if we approach everything with joy.

I was thinking about this as I started teaching Tuesday morning, and just on a whim wrote the word "joy" on my hand. All day, as I was teaching, talking and waving my hand around in the normal course of a day, I often saw that word on my hand and thought about being joyful, and having joy in my teaching. It really did make a difference.

Just wanted to share my joy with you, and encourage you to be joy-full. To have joy in everything you do.
Joy has made for a great week back to school.


  1. LOVE it. I am going to do this on Monday. Remind me. :)

  2. oh what a wonderful idea. i often jot a note to myself on my palm - something i need to remember to do, an idea that came to be at a stoplight, my grocery list... but this kind of reminder is so much more important, so much more valuable. And it deserves a spot on the back of the hand. I will have to try this.

  3. I am a hand I get this. What a wonderful reminder to have joy in whatever our day holds...whatever tasks we face. thanks!

  4. Great reminder...I need to remind myself of this as I am teaching my own would make for a much more pleasant house!

  5. I am reminded of this when I'm in a bad mood and all of a sudden I notice my kids being snarky to each other....if I am joyful and pleasant around them then they are usually in a good mood too...well, except for Emma..she's rarely in a good mood! Such pressure though! :0)