Saturday, August 27, 2011

adventurous saturday

Wow! Today was about as much adventure as I would want to have on a Saturday. A fun day overall, but definitely not an everyday thing.

First, I slept in this morning. It was my reward for surviving the first full week at school. And the week was good, but I needed the rest.

Then I met my friend Jenn for breakfast. We went to the North End Diner and the biscuits and gravy were AWESOME! We both had the biscuits and gravy platter, and oh my word I cannot say enough good things about it.

Then I went over to the hockey rink, because the older nephew (7 years old) was playing in an in-line hockey tournament today. It was a pretty big deal to him, so I wanted to watch at least one of his games. Here he is at a face off:

And then, because I was taking pictures of the older nephew, the younger nephew (3 years old) wanted me to take a picture of him. Here HE is:

Thank you for that.

Then I watched some more hockey.

This was the view for a good bit of today. I think we might have to have a talk about finding some more "gettin' up and goin'" after the puck...

After that game I left the arena and was going to go home, but I called Mom and she said her vet's office was having a big open house, and the little nephew was in the bounce house. This was not to far from my house, so I stopped by.

There were HUGE iguanas there:

And there were snakes. Nana was NOT to thrilled about the snakes, but little nephew and I got right up close and he petted the "fat" yellow snake (a Burmese Python, for any of you who were wondering):

And then they got him all dressed up in a surgery suit - exactly what they wear to do surgeries:

And then he got to do a surgery on a teddy bear:

Someone needs to have a talk with that teddy bear - nephew pulled 2 balloons, a screw, and a nail out if his tummy!

After that Nana took nephew back out to the bounce house, but I had to head home and take a nap - this day wore me out! There's nothing quite like a day with family.

K :)
PS. I want to have a scrub suit like that...


  1. I would have passed on the snake petting...ugh!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hockey, iguanas, and surgery... wow, you've had quite a week! :) Stopping by from Company Girls Coffee...

  3. Sounds fun! I don't know that I would have ever gotten my kids out of that vet's open house! :) Hope the rest of your weekend is just as blessed!

  4. I stopped in from Company Girls and have been scrolling down your blog. What fun! I feel as if we're getting acquainted over coffee, as I read about your ups and downs. Love how you never seem to let the "downs" get you down. Blessings!