Tuesday, August 2, 2011

high drama

Yesterday I went to an opera. To be fair, as a music teacher it's kind of in my job description. But this time was not for me, but to support one of my students. She is in a summer intensive and the performance yesterday morning was the culmination of their work composing, writing, rehearsing and performing. It really was a great performance, and I enjoyed it very much. Then, to finish out the camp, they all go to the opera. I've gone before, and my student's mom loved having someone along to enjoy the student performances and the opera with her. It's nice to go with someone who is relishing it as much as yourself.

We saw "Carmen", and it was performed by the Central City Opera. It was fabulous!!! I can't say enough great things about the fantastic performance. Here's a picture, courtesy of the Central City Opera website:

Carmen: Central City Opera, 2011. Photo by Mark Kiryluk
Playing the role of Carmen was Kirstin Chavez, and playing the role of Don Jose was Jon Burton. These are the people in the above picture. They were FANTASTIC! The whole performance was amazing. Even though I have been in 3 operas and have attended several more, this was outstanding, and possibly one of the best. Oh, the DRAMA!

And, considering that Carmen was written in 1873 and first performed in 1875, it amazes me that the stories and lessons learned are still applicable today. Relationships haven't changed a whole lot since then. Carmen is a story about two people and the course their relationship takes. There are good times, but there are rough times too, and (spoiler alert!) even love is not able to overcome all, because Carmen is killed in the end.

I was moved, and very impressed by the stellar performances put on by the entire cast. Central City did a wonderful job, and I would highly recommend their opera season to anyone who is so inclined to be taken on a fascinating journey.

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