Friday, August 12, 2011


I am going to take this opportunity to be thankful for my friend, Beth. She writes a blog too, and you can read it here. But today is to say how much I appreciate Beth.

We got together this week for coffee, and just talked. Not unusual for us, but the last time we did this was...



a year ago??? It's hard to believe that we haven't really spent too much time together in a year. Wow.

But, that's one of the things that I like about Beth. No, not that we don't spend time together, silly! It's that whenever we DO spend time together it is like we do it all the time. I appreciate her candor, and I know that if she thinks I'm off on something she will tell me. And we are real.

I think that this is the definition of a true friend. That you can not have to be together all the time,and still be real with one another. That you enjoy spending time together, whether it is on a regular basis, or on a MUCH more occasional basis than regular. That you can feel free to admit to your shortcomings, or struggles, and be secure that you will be corrected but still loved and comforted.

Thanks for the coffee, Beth, and let's do it again. Soon!

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  1. I love the same things about Beth. Lovely post, Kerri!