Saturday, June 2, 2012


Playing cards.

Today I am thankful for playing cards.

Last weekend the family went up to the cabin in the mountains and just hung out as a family for Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely. My assignment was 1 watermelon and 2 cantaloupe, so that was the sum total of my cooking for the weekend - cutting up those melons. And, someone (thank you mom and Dan) had made coffee each morning before I even got out of bed, so I didn't even have to do that. And I can already hear you asking, so I will preemptively answer your question: No I did not sleep half the day away. I set my alarm each morning for about 7am, and then hit snooze once or twice. That's it.

But I did nap most afternoons...  :)

So I grew up watching, and then as I got older, playing card games. The preferred game was pinochle, but there were others, such as the Twist version of London Rummy. For example, my Grandma Annie taught me how to play solitaire. I still think of her every time I deal out a game of solitaire.

Anyway, pinochle.

My brother-in-law always thought of pinochle as an "old people game", and then he married into our family. We do play us some pinochle. And it is fun. There are always rules, like "Dan and Pop can't be on the same team" and the like, but it is fun to play together. Last weekend we played pinochle 2 evenings, after the nephews went to bed, and it was a terribly fun way to spend time together as a family.

So I'm thankful for cards. I guess I could be thankful for my family, but that's been done. :)

Here's to more playing cards, and spirited family game-playing in love.

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