Thursday, June 7, 2012


Tonight I am full.

No, not full of food (though that might be true, thank you Sarah for your wonderful dessert!).

I am full of blessings, full of good friendship, full of dinner with friends and lots of good conversation. I am full.

I was just driving home, and thinking about how wonderful life is, and how blessed I am with good friends and fellowship. I had dinner at a friend's house tonight. And, actually, some people might think it was unusual. You see, Amanda was a teacher at my school, and we were good co-workers and team mates. But then she got pregnant and stopped working partly through the school year when she had her baby (who is ADORABLE, might I add.)

So currently we are not co-workers, but we have become friends. And I am blessed to have good friends.

So thanks for the dinner, Amanda. And for the fellowship. And for the laughs and for letting me hold the baby, even though he fussed. :)

I am full.

And I am blessed.

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