Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Day 11

On this Veteran's Day, I am thankful for everyone who has stood up, taken the oath, and sacrificed for my country. I know of and know a lot of veterans, and I am grateful for them.

Today we had the Veteran's Day assembly at school. There was music, reciting, cheering for veterans and everything else that a Veteran's Day assembly should have.

All day long I kept thinking about him. Grandpa Glen. This picture was from later in life, after his service obviously. But he was a veteran - probably the closest one to me.  He served in the Army, and he jumped behind lines in Okinawa and Japan. In Korea, he got called back and was a jumpmaster for awhile. Grandpa Glen isn't with us anymore, but I still thought of him all day. I thought of how he wouldn't talk about any Army stuff at all, until I was in High School and started asking him about it. I thought of the pictures I have of him when he was in the service, and even a picture he took of a jump. I thought about the metal box of things he kept hidden for a long time, until I started being curious. I thought about the handle of a rip cord that he kept in that box, from a 'chute that didn't open.

On this Veteran's Day, I want to thank not only my Grandpa Glen, and my Brother-In-Law who is currently in the Air Force, but all the veterans. Everyone who served in some way to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Thank you.

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