Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30 Days of Thankful: Day 5

Well Shoot. I wasn't thankful yesterday. Well I WAS thankful, but didn't write it down. I guess it goes to show my human-ness...

So today I am going to be thankful for the extra blanket last night. It stayed on my bed ALL NIGHT.

It has been COLD here. Today the high was in the 40's, and it was wet and windy. Just raw outside.

Actually, we were SUPPOSED to get snow last night (roll of the eyes) but alas there was NONE. Many of my students were very disappointed this morning. I, of course, was not disappointed at all. :)

So, last night it was very cold. And I am so very grateful for the extra blanket. Actually, I will add that I am grateful for he abundance of blankets I have. Last week I unpacked one of the last boxes, and now I have several blankets or quilts or comforters in each closet.

Here's hoping I get to use the extra blanket more in the coming weeks.

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