Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 Thankful Days: Day 2

OK, since I spent today doing stuff around the house, today I will be thankful that I have a house.

And I LOVE it! Not the chores, particularly, but the house. :)

I moved into this house 9 days before school started. Anyone who has worked in a school knows how crazy the start of school is. So I did the best I could in 9 days. But now, that I have some time, I am doing the things I didn't get done at first. Over fall break I hung pictures up on the walls, and unpacked the last 10 boxes. I also did some organizing in my office, but there is still a little bit of that to go. Now it is just the things that I look around and think that I'd like to change, or rearrange a little. Nothing earthshaking, but just little things.

Today I was very productive, and got several chores done, so I am happy about having the house.

And also about being done with chores. :)

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