Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day 15 my team

Wow! It is hard to believe that I've been thankful for half a month already! :)
I'm linking up with Dawn over at theGoodlife and being thankful all this month.

Today I'm thankful for my team. There are about 10 music teachers total at my school, but there are only 3 of us that do my exact same job. And they are my team. I'm thankful for my team. I'm thankful that I even HAVE a team.

I was saying this same thing to my principal today, because for a long time, I didn't really have a team. Yes, there were people that did my job, but because of schedule limitations we literally NEVER could get together. Now, we have built in collaboration time, and can have lunch together most fridays. It is SO NICE!

 I said that I was The Lone Ranger for so many years, that it is wonderful to have a team. And he said, "And you didn't even have Tonto." That's the truth!

So today I am thankful for my team, and especially that I like my team, and that we all get along wonderfully, and that we all like working together.

Yea for teamwork!

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  1. yeay team! it's really nice to not feel like the lone ranger, I bet. :)