Wednesday, November 16, 2011

day 16 my bed

OK...thankful...linking up with Dawn...all that. I'm so tired that I can't type straight, or be responsibile for spelling errors.

Right now I'm thankful for my bed.

So thankful that I will be there in about 2 minutes.

So thankful, that I was thinking about my bed on the way home from rehearsal.

It has been a long day, and tomorrow is the end of a long week, so I am extra thankful for my bed tonight. I am only regretful that I can't spend more time in it.

Off to bed. Good night.


  1. This post says much to me. I see that you are woman of character, determined to accomplish what you have said you will do. You could have gone to bed, but you took the time to be faithful. I hope your bed brought a good nights sleep. I have also learned since I have been reading your posts that you are a hard working woman. May the Lord bless you anew tomorrow!

  2. Love you Kerri! We should hang out soon... after you and your bed get some more quality time together. :)