Thursday, November 17, 2011

day 17 my job


I just read that last post again, and I have to publicly apologize. I should have been cited for PWT - posting while tired. Maybe I should have gone to my lovely bed a few minutes earlier! :)

This is the month to be thankful for the many blessings that we enjoy, so I'm linking up with Dawn at theGooodlife and and being 30 days worth of thankful.

Yesterday, I read my friend Beth's post of thankfulness for her job - you can read it here.
Today, I'm going to pile on with her, and be thankful for my job. I really do love what I do. I adore my principal. I enjoy the ladies I work with. I really enjoy my students, and sometimes even love them. Sometimes not. :) I love that they are supportive, and that I often get some nice, girly hugs. I love that they can rise to the occasion - I've given the 6th grade some REALLY hard music, and they are really stepping up and doing a great job on it. They are embracing the challenge. I love that they make me laugh, like this.

But seriously, I really do love my job. I am blessed that since God moved me out here to CO from GA, I really love my job. Wouldn't that stink if I got all the way out here and hated it? Wouldn't you know that God would have planned something good for me? Isn't that just like Him?

Today was not my favorite day at my job, but mostly that's because we had a fire drill in the middle of the afternoon, right when classes should have changed and smack in the middle of my 5 minute potty break. Yes, I have 3 hours of class after lunch, and there is a 5 minutes potty break built in there. OK, truth be told, It isn't really CALLED a potty break, but I call it that because that's what I do in that 5 minutes each afternoon, and also because the last 2 hours are miserable if I don't.
It made this afternoon terribly chaotic, but I'm home in my jammies now, so it doesn't seem so bad at this point...

Anyway, sorry for that moment of rambling there. I really do love my job. And I'm grateful that I'm where I am. And I'm so glad that I'm not in a lot of other places.

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